Protect Your Expression

Protect Your Expression

Ayesha Hussain Blog

We want to help you protect your expression. Sexual expression is the “it thing” these days. What do you do with all the nudes, lewds and steamy vids? If you’re posting it, why not make $$$ from it? But if you want to start an OnlyFans, you’re past fashionably late. 

Earlier this year, OnlyFans announced that they were going to kick adult content creators off their site due to an ask from payment companies. 

They walked that announcement back after the massive backlash. But who knows how long they will be protecting the content creators on their site. They never really protected them anyways: also earlier this year, it was found that OnlyFans had a pretty hidden clause in their paperwork that essentially said they owned all of the creators’ content on the site. That was a massive eye opener and foreshadow.

You know what they say about biting the hand that feeds you? It’ll slap you and walk away, far away, and join one of these sites that will respect it. 

Here are some resources to help you protect your expression. The following 5 sites definitely respect the creators,  the content and the rights of erotic expression:

  1. Findrow – Findrow touts a label-less identity around the type of content they host, only that they are a group of creatives that want to share uncensored content. Some of the best indie content creators call this site home. 
  2. Just For Fans – When the OnlyFans announcement went live, Just For Fans announced that they had a staff full of sex workers and would never do such a thing to their creators. 
  3. Slfex – Slfex is the new kid on the block that is centering freedom of expression for creatives while protecting your money. Built on the blockchain, this site offers a way to create what you want and ensure that you keep ALL of that hard earned money. 
  4. Lustery – Lustery is a site that features real world partners having sex. So if you want to create content with your boo(s), this is the place for you.
  5. Fancentro – FanCentro is more of a social network that allows influencers and fans to connect. It’s also a hub that supports influencers and models with education on how to build and keep an audience. 

The internet is buzzing with content creator sites as the creator economy is taking center stage. It can be hard to decide which one is for you. The best way to pick is to figure out what is important to you around your content and the community you want to be a part of – but don’t forget to check how the site makes their money off of you! Some have higher fees with more perks, some focus on community, etc. 

The creator economy is exploding, put those photos, videos, and sexy skits to good use and get you a piece!