SLFEX is comprised of a group of individuals who dream of a better future for adult entertainment and the people who make this field a success. Our ethos grows within the foundation of four basic principles, empowerment, independence, safety, and innovation. 

LeaderShip Team

Valerie Merced, CEO

ValArie Merced

Chief Executive Officer

Valarie Merced is a clinical sexologist and birth doula with 10 years of experience in the field. She is the founder and creative director of Precipice Magazine, a print-only publication exploring sex, desire, and love through academics and art. She received her Bachelor’s in Contemplative Psychology at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado and is currently a second year graduate student at Northwestern University studying Mental Health Counseling. Valarie’s inspiration is found within the intricate world of interpersonal dynamics, authenticity, and intimacy. Through these lenses she curates multifaceted experiences celebrating sexuality.

Ayesha Hussain, CCO

Ayesha Hussain

Chief Content Officer

Ayesha Hussain found her beginnings in the fashion industry with business strategy, branding and sales. A pull toward conscious entrepreneurship birthed a greater purpose of eradicating rape culture that was not welcome in fashion. Frustrated with her experience in the industry, she left to design experiences around the world gathering strangers into rooms to watch porn and talk about it. Today, as a founder of a clinical sexology practice, her work centers creativity, storytelling and communities ridding the world of shame, creating safe containers for honest expression to change the world.

Sherown Campbell, CTO

Sherown Campbell

Chief Technology Officer

Sherown is Co-Founder and CTO of Dis-Tribute, an information technology and management firm, bridging the gap between today’s challenges and tomorrow’s distributed digital world. He brings a deep understanding of dev-ops and data analytics, as well as the emerging blockchain industry and community. With a master’s degree in Computer Science, Sherown focuses on the deployment of code, ensuring the security, availability, and reliability of the company’s cloud-based infrastructure.

The Tech Team —

Ian Strouse, Back-End Developer

James Haskins

Dev Ops Engineer

James focuses on the deployment of code, ensuring the security, availability, and reliability of the company’s cloud-based infrastructure.

Ian Strouse, Back-End Developer

Ian Strouse

Back-End Developer

An experienced developer, Ian specializes in the design and development of APIs, database design and maintenance, and systems architecture. He builds elegant integrations that leverage the power of AWS.

Juan Portillo, Front-End Developer

Juan Portillo

Front-End Developer

A talented UI engineer, Juan specializes in designing elegant, effective UX across a range of browsers. His expertise in front-end technologies complements his skills in WP, SEO, and marketing.​