How To Make NFTs In Just 5 Simple Steps

How To Make NFTs In Just 5 Simple Steps

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So, you’re ready to get into the NFT game? How exciting! NFTs (or Non-Fungible Tokens) really blew the top off of tech talk recently and even found their way into pop culture. Wild, right? If you’re like most people and you went from never hearing the term NFT in your life to all-of-sudden not being able to escape it, you’re probably on the hunt for some more info. 

If you need a bit of background, you’ll want to check out our full NFT guide before diving into this exploration. But, if you’ve heard what you need to hear and you are down to dive in, let’s talk about how to make NFTs! 

How To Make NFTs: A Creator’s Guide 

Making NFTs is actually really simple. The process of making an NFT begins after you’ve already created your digital art. So, if you’ve already got digital drawings, audio files, videos, animations, photographs, or any type of digital assets, you’re ready to start the process. In this exploration of how to make an NFT, we’re going to be using the word “mint.” 

In this case, to mint is to publish your file on a blockchain. Minting is the process of converting your file into a blockchain-based digital asset. So, if something has been minted, it’s now an NFT instead of just a digital piece of artwork or information. In the simplest terms, to mint an NFT is to make an NFT.  

So, let’s dive into the process. 

Pick Your Item

The first thing you’ll need to do when making an NFT is to pick the item that you’d like to use. The item must be unique and rightfully yours. You can choose a photo, piece of audio, video, GIF, piece of writing, etc. You can choose anything that you own that can be reproduced as a multimedia file. Such is the case with selling anything, you need to be the sole owner of the item, so you can’t mint a collage – let’s say – that’s made up of photos you don’t have rights to sell. It’s pretty simple, if you own it and it’s digital, you can probably make it into an NFT! So, pick one item or a collection of items and get ready to plunge into the world of NFTs. 

Get Some Crypto

Next up, you’re going to need a crypto wallet with some cryptocurrency in it. Before you do that, you’ll want to pick which blockchain you’ll be minting your NFT on. There are a number of blockchains that support NFTs such as Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, and many more. The Ethereum blockchain is currently the most popular for NFTs. 

So, once you’ve selected your blockchain, you’ll need a crypto wallet because you’ll need a bit of cryptocurrency to list your NFT. Some popular crypto wallets include Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, Math Wallet, and more. So, signup for a wallet, buy the appropriate cryptocurrency for the blockchain you’re using, and you’re all set. If you’ve already got a wallet and own some crypto, you don’t even need to worry about this step. 

Choose A Marketplace 

Next up, you’ve got another choice on your hands. You’ll need to choose your NFT marketplace. Some of the more popular marketplaces include OpenSea, Axie Marketplace, SuperRare, Mintable, and ThetaDrop. There are plenty more so be sure to do some research. If you’re not sure what an NFT marketplace is, it’s an online platform that allows you to store, sell, buy, and trade NFTs. Some marketplaces even allow minting right on the platform, making the process even more beginner-friendly. Different types of NFTs are popular on different marketplaces, so do some browsing to see where your item might fit best. 

Once you’ve got your platform, you’ll want to connect your wallet.

Mint Your NFT

For this exploration, we will assume that you’ve selected a marketplace that supports minting. First, you’ll need to upload your file to the platform. Be sure to research the supported file types of your specific marketplace before you get started so you don’t need to backtrack. 

You will upload your single file or your full collection and add all of the details like the title, descriptions, and any other information you want to share with your potential buyers. On some platforms, the final step is to select your selling details. In others, you can mint your NFT first and then opt to sell it, this is where those monetary details will come into play. So, are you ready to monetize? 


When selling an NFT you have the choice to sell it at a fixed price, set a timed auction, or start an unlimited auction. You’ll also be able to set your price and your royalties. Each platform has different fees and different selling structures so be sure to look at what similar creators are doing, read through the terms and conditions of the marketplace you choose and be mindful of your decision-making as you go. Once you’ve set up your selling parameters you’re good to go and you’re free to market your NFT however you like. People may come by it on the platform or perhaps on a social media post you make!