Adult Entertainment: Why We Believe the Future is in the Margins 

The Future of Adult Entertainment: Why We Believe the Future is in the Margins

Britanny Burr Blog

Do you feel it? We’re on the precipice of something huge, essential, and life-altering. Now we’re not just talking about “we” as in SLFEX, we’re talking about adult entertainment, sex work, and the erotic economy as a whole. When we talk about what needs to change in the industry, we tend to get tangled up in the problems rather than the solutions. This is totally fair. Sex workers and erotic creatives have been pushed to the margins, repressed, and stigmatized since the dawn of time… literally. But, rather than talking in circles about the challenges we face, we want to take a moment to celebrate the future that we’re beginning to see. 

We see a future where the adult entertainment and erotic economy offer freedom, support, community, celebration, abundance, and validation to those who work within them. We see a future where sex workers and erotic creatives have complete control over their expression, their bodies, and their money. We see a future where systems are built to empower rather than exploit, support rather than suppress. We know it’s difficult to see a future this bright, but you may want to slap on some sunglasses because we’ve got news for you: the future is in the margins. 

When we say we feel a change afoot, it’s because it is long overdue. We can feel the foundation shaking beneath us. We’ve all planted seeds, and they’re about to penetrate the surface. The adult entertainment, sex work, and erotic creative industries are ready for a long-overdue shift, and not only do we feel it coming, we know we are more capable than ever before. 

What’s Changing in Adult Entertainment?

Endless advancements are being made every single day within the many facets of this industry, but we want to make sure that everyone can speak for themselves. So, we’ll speak for ourselves here. At SLFEX, we’re building adult entertainment solutions using blockchain technology. More specifically, we’re building a platform where erotic creatives can share their content with complete autonomy and security while maintaining ownership of their expression. We’re leveraging the best in emerging technology to ensure that sex-positivity, personal empowerment, inclusivity, and fairness are at the forefront at all times. SLFEX deeply cares for the people. We want to offer our community ultimate success, financial freedom, long-term stability, and investment opportunities. 

Beyond that, we are passionate about empowering through education. So, if any of this tech talk sounds intimidating, don’t worry for a second. Everybody is invited to this conversation and we’re saying a hard no to gatekeeping and prevention when it comes to learning and growing together. 

The reason that we are so energized by what we’re building is twofold. One, we are fueled by where this industry has come from, committing to forge a better future. And two, we truly believe that the future is in the margins. This means sex workers who have been criminalized, erotic creatives who have been exploited, adult entertainers who have been repressed, and anyone who has felt unsafe, unsupported, or misunderstood around their sexual expression. You’re the future, and here’s why:

It’s About Damn Time

Sex workers and adult entertainment professionals deserve a break. Truly, these folks have been pushing against unmoveable barriers, and each time the barriers budge, they’re met with more red tape. It is time for change, plain and simple, and we know we’re not the only ones who are tired of waiting. We can hear your battle cries and we can feel the winds of change. For every protest we’ve marched, petition we’ve signed, and post we’ve shared we have made an impact. While it may feel small, it’s igniting the fight in all of us and that is exactly what inspired change. We believe the future is in the margins because these folks deserve to see the fruits of their labor right about now. 

Strength & Resilience 

Another reason that we’re passionate about what’s in store for erotic creatives, adult entertainers and sex workers is the incredible resilience that these communities have shown. There has never been a world where sex workers can simply go to work without any type of fear or shame, there has never been a world where the threat of violence and exploitation hasn’t existed for these professionals. 

They are some of the strongest, most resilient individuals on this planet and if you don’t think that those are the folks that will be sitting in C-suites, you’ve got another thing coming. When you’re entire career has been a tooth-and-nail fight, you come out the other end with unparalleled adaptability, ingenuity, and grit. These inspiring individuals are the future, mark our words. 

Innovate or Get Left Behind

More to the last point, the people who make up the erotic economy have been forced to get creative. Even when it comes down to something as simple as repressive social media regulations and algorithms, this can impact someone’s livelihood. If an online erotic creator isn’t able to market their services in the same ways as literally every other industry on earth, they’ve got to get pretty creative. Beyond social media, the innovation within the sex tech industry, for example, is truly awe-inspiring. 

Every day we come across new products, solutions, and ideas that embody sex positivity, empowerment, and education. This industry has been penalized for simply existing for so long that getting creative has become a necessity and, my goodness, it shows. Not only is the industry bursting with passionate creatives and entrepreneurs, but it is also erupting with potential for large-scale change.  

We’re All Connected 

If you’re at all familiar with the erotic economy and the advocacy that comes along with it, you’ve probably been pleasantly surprised by just how interwoven and welcoming the community is. Even in the face of oppressive forces, this community knows how to support one another, show up for one another, advocate on behalf of the greater good, and always lead with compassion. There is nothing more inspiring than a heart-first industry that prioritizes inclusivity, support, and freedom. We believe there’s no end to what this outlook can achieve and it takes a pretty special community to survive and thrive in these conditions. 

We understand that this may sound like a bit of a rose-colored glasses manifesto, but this is what is driving us. Our team sees a bright future and we’re actively building it. The future is in the margins, but not for long.